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Re: Back to Tramadol not so good


Tramdol really isn't intended for severe pain. The only time I had any luck with it at all was after surgery. I had tirated down off both percocet and vicodan and was mostly taking naproxen, I only took vicodan for right after PT. Then I had my allergic reaction to naproxen (er, throat swelling shut and all). Since I still needed something my ortho put me on tramdol. For that it worked. I tried it later for the CMP and it was no help at all.

I know after the nausea the idea of trying something stronger probably doesn't seem like such a good idea, but don't suffer needlessly. There are enoungh different meds out there that they should be able to find one that works for you. Have you tried anything like MS Contin or one of the other morphine based meds, or oxycontin? I have reactions (usually weird ones) to a lot of medications, but I responsed well to MS Contin and use percocet for BT. They only reason my doc went with MS Contin rather than oxycontin is that the MS Contin is available in generic and much cheaper on my insurance. Changing medications seems to be a challenge for all of us. I've never had this much problems with changing allergy meds - it's usually 'that one isn't working anymore - ok take this one' and it's fine.

I hope that your ortho appt goes the way you want it to. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.