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Re: New to the Board.. survivor: Lower Cerebellum Stroke

Originally Posted by Keith Buckner View Post
HI, I must say I am glad to have found this place!

On September 23rd, 2008, I experienced a Hemorrhagic Lower Cerebellum Stroke. I spent several days Comatose, and was revived after a couple weeks.

I was released from the hospital after about 3 months and from my extended Therapy in January of this year. I have, for the most part, expereinced a full recovery with no remaining deficits!! I've been busy the last few months, getting back to my former existence (you know... driving, working, etc.. again and "all that").

I AM on HBP medication and B12 Supplements (twice daily). My docs explained to me the low survival rate of my injury, so I've been seeking other folks who've had similar experiences with whom to discuss "life after stroke", but, until finding this place, had little luck.

"Thank you" to the administrators and members for this cool place to "hang out"

Hi Keith I had a cerebellum stroke in June 2009..and I am concerned about all the sleep I need. I sleep about 10 hrs a night and have at least one nap during the day. I have been doing PT since early July..and trying to slowly get back to routine living..not easy. I am allowed treadmill 5 min. at lowest speed..and I am using a cane..I am told this exhaustion is pretty common..I am on plavix and a few other meds. Hope you are well