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confused yet hopeful - is it autism?

Hi Iíve been with my boyfriend for over 5 years. We're both 27. I might be totally wrong but Iíve been wondering for a while whether he may be autistic. He has real difficulty in expressing or describing his emotions. Sometimes it seems impossible for him. I used to think he was just your Ďtypicalí guy who doesnít feel comfortable taking about feelings. But I realised a long time ago itís more than that. He says he doesnít understand most emotions and just cant find the words. I know he cares about me but sometimes he comes across as very cold. When I tell him he seems genuinely shocked. He finds it incredibly difficult to express himself a lot of the time and has trouble reading body language, especially if subtle. Goes completely over his head. If I try to explain certain gestures he still doesnít understand. When weíve had arguments he doesnít seem to understand why its happened or why Iím upset. He cares. He just doesnít get it. And he canít put himself in someone elseís shoes. So if say a friend is upset about something and I ask him how he thinks they feel. Heíll say ĎI donít know. Iím not in that situation so I donít knowí. He just canít imagine how they feel. His difficulties have resulted in awful arguments as he is very bright so I used to think he just didnít care. But I started to wonder if thereís another reason to explain. If he was, it should have been picked up years ago right? But his dyslexia wasnít picked up until he was 19. Please can someone help?

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