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Re: Back to Tramadol not so good

I really don't want to go back to any long acting narcotic med's if I can help it (side effects) so I am trying my hardest to cope with were I am now. I don't know how long it will be before I cave in and head back to the doctors for something stronger as it has not been easy. I have been taking the max of Paracetamol and occasionally having to use my endone but I have to save those for when I most need it. That has been once a day this week though I don't usually have to all month as I run out and asking for them doesn't always mean I will get another script. This time though if I can't the doctor will have to change me up to something stronger SR. I am only just coping. I get about 4 to 6 hours relief from an endone (on top of the Tramadol, panadol and Celebrex) so that has been enough each day to keep me sane so far just. Wish me luck for the rest of the week. Allan

No I haven't heard of Nucynta but will look into it.

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