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Please help: big decisions - LANAP results from anyone who has had it??

I've had a very disheartening visit to my dentist. Gum problems flared with a vengeance recently (severe pain, swelling, visible infection at one tooth) and after two sets of bitewings I have advanced perio disease (pocket depths were all over the place, 2's to 9's, but most were higher than 4, a lot of bone loss per dentist). I was given options that are all hard to come to terms with:
  1. cut/suture surgery on gums, remove loose front teeth and get front partials
  2. surgery +get implants but must build up bone with grafts first, all fees involved cost could go as high as $20,000 so that's out of the question
  3. remove all teeth and get dentures. I am so not mentally prepared for that option! (Tho will admit a small part of me finds the thought of no more dental issues is an attraction.)

I knew any news would not be good before I went in so researched LANAP. When my dentist wanted me to see his periodontist/associate right away I told him I really wanted to get a LANAP consult first and asked for a referral. But he didn't know anyone (I've checked, no one in the nearby area does this). And then he sort of shot it down, said I might get good temporary results but within a year my 'teeth would probably fall out' so what was the point of it? (He was exaggerating to a degree - I think - in trying to make his point.)

He agreed to hold off till I got the consult. I had to call the manufacturer to get dentists referrals, thankfully since I live near a large city and two LANAP trained dentists less than an hour away. But it's still a 'cold call' because I know nothing of either of them.

Anyway, I am desperately searching for input from anyone who has had LANAP, especially with bad perio disease, and what the results were further down the road. (3 days of searching the web and this is the only site I found with personal experience relayed.) I see a couple members here had it done last year but have not posted back since - perhaps (fingers crossed) that means they have no further problems to report/ post back about?

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