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Re: pain under ribs on right side

Are you having any shortness of breath? I have found that I can get a rib out of place but I also have shortness of breath with the pain. If you fell you could have very well gotten a rib out of place.
Just my opinion! Hope you fell better


Originally Posted by cocolu View Post
hello, iam desperately in pain , under my right lower ribs, it extend to my back side, start always at nite time and i had been having it for the last 3 days, i dont know what and why happens and i am asking for any knowledege about it pleaseeeeee,i dont know if this can be related but i fell realy badly a week ago in a slipery surface and fell onto my right side hurting badly my rigt leg arounf the upper side close to my hips , i dont have any pain on my hios after that and only a big bruise on my tigh but would be realted this nasty pain on my right lower ribs?? please if is there anyone who can help me , please i would really appreciate it, i need to put my mind at rest and stop thinking is somehting really bad