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Re: Severe and Sudden Lower Abdominal Pain


I have been looking all over the internet for a few hours now and I believe your situation is the most similar to mine.

I am also a 19 year old female and it has happened 3 times to me now. Probably around every 4 months like you said. My abdomen suddenly contracts. Initially it feels like a regular menstrual pain but it gets to the point where I cannot stand. I lock myself in the bathroom and get into weird positions on the floor, hoping that it will lessen the pain. Eventually I give up and stay in one position, I don't want to speak to anyone or see anyone. Sometimes I feel a little bit like I'm going to cough up blood or stomach acid, it's not quite a nauseous feeling, just a little liquid coming up my throat. The pain is so strong and I don't know what else to say other than its a cramping/contracting/spasming feeling. Not really sharp like I've read in other posts. I also notice an ache around my vagina/anus area. Once again it's NOT a menstrual pain, it's far worse. I dread it.

There are so many different things it could be so I'm not really sure what to do other than see a doctor. However the last thing I could use is a million expensive procedures.

I really really hope you get back to me with how your situation is progressing and best wishes to you.