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Question Chronic Cough/Sinusitis?

Good morning everyone...

I guess I am just looking for people that have had similar experiences to mine, and what solution you finally had...

I've had a cough since March/April. Almost EVERY night and most days too. Turned into bronchitis in May, had meds, Then diagnosed with chronic sinusitis.

I've had severe headaches and pressure, though not as much lately. 4 rounds of antibiotics, 3 rounds of steroids. Normal head and sinus CT. No allergies. I have asthma, but it is controlled. Diagnosed by allergist with acid reflux. Tried Nexium for a month, didnt really help much.

I can feel the cough about to start as a tickle in my throat. I cough very hard, usually to the point of gagging, and occasionally vomiting.
Every night I have 2 or 3 episodes (unless I take Tussionex), and usually at least 2 during the day.

I can't sleep, I get on everyone's nerves at work, I have to watch what I eat cause it may irritate my throat and make me cough.

I'm FINALLY seeing an ENT this afternoon. I only hope they can give me some kind of relief because I feel like I will be coughing forever!

Oh yeah, I'm 25, in generally good health, slightly overweight (working with a personal trainer to take care of that), I don't smoke, drink very rarely, drink lots of water, etc.

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