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Re: Please help: big decisions - LANAP results from anyone who has had it??

Sorry to hear about your situation. You're definitely not alone.

I had LANAP done to me last October. Similar situation - pockets from 3 to 8, mainly all above 4s. I had been going to a dentist who said we could "maintain" it by having cleanings every 2 months. That didn't work.

So I researched everything and opted for LANAP. I had the procedure done last October and have gone back for my regular cleanings since then. However, they will not probe for pockets depths until the 1 year mark, so I really don't know how much my condition has improved. I'm scheduled to have my next visit in mid-October, so I'll post results once I have them. What I can tell you is:
- my gums look healthier and pinker
- I have zero bleeding when I floss and brush
- teeth that were once super sensitive to cold (ie, exposed root) are no longer sensitive. I think because the gum has reattached.
- I'm a maniac about my dental care

Only negatives are that I'm also a bruxer (teeth grinder). Even through I wear a nightguard, I still wake up with sore teeth. Party because of the bone loss I think. The 4 front bottom teeth that were slightly mobile are still slightly mobile. I'm guessing I haven't had any of the bone regeneration that some claim can occur as a result of LANAP. After the procedure was done, I definitely lost some more gum tissue between my teeth. I think they call it "papillia"? Basically most of those are gone and I have small spaces between my teeth. Not sure if this was due to bad technique with the laser or if she intentionally cut them back. Kind of annoying becuase now food gets caught in there and I have to swish with water after every meal. Not a huge deal, but kind of annoying.

Anyhow, I feel for you. For a while it's all I thought about and stressed me out like crazy. Now I'm just accepting the fact that I'm doing all I can to keep my teeth and hopefully this procedure has worked. If not, getting Dentures is not the end of the world. My Dad has them and he functions just fine. If you end up going the denture route, there's a great forum called denturesanewsmile out there

I'd suggest getting a lanap consult before you do anything. When you meet with the dentist, ask to speak with some references who have had this procedure done more than 1 year ago (ideally 2 or 3 people). If you can afford it, this would definitely be a logical first approach before getting any teeth pulled.

As far as your current dentist shunning the lanap idea, it's typical. Mine was the same way. How could a patient with no formal training possibly know more about treatment options than a highly educated and trained dentist? ; ) Don't listen to them...get a 2nd opinion.

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