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Re: at the end of my tether! . . .

listen, dont stress, acne is normal and more common then you think. If you really want somthing to work, it worked for me and millions of others, but no one ever mentions it becuase its is a social taboo even though every part of the world has used this as a solution to many skin ailments. Use your urine. Put it in a little in a cup, take a cotton ball, dip, and apply to affected areas usually twice a day. If yours is really bad, reapply everytime you produce more urine, even over makeup, just a little dab on affected areas. Once you see inflamation go down and things look better, then start doing it twice a day. After you wash your face in the morning and night, apply. It will turn your life around. Once you feel u dont need it anymore then stop. If it comes back then reapply. It depends on your skin, as to how much stuff is hiding in you pores waiting to come out whether you should conitnue use, or stop. U dont have to tell no one. Oh yeah after you apply, let it dry, then use a clean regular moisturizer if you have dry skin. Just try it please, i have had those days before, wishing it was holloween everday. I just had an aweful breakout, and i did just that, 4 days later you could barely see traces of my cystic pimples. good luck.