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Re: Please help: big decisions & LANAP results from anyone who has had it??

Thank you so much TRC101 for the info!
I have my LANAP consult tomorrow. Just put a post-it on my xray envelope to get other patient references, and some other questions (thanks for that!).

Yes, it's stressful and demoralizing. But I see that a lot in posts here, so am not alone for sure! Think the part concerning me most is some options, once done, there's no turning back (such as extracting teeth).

I'm also considering a consult with a DDS who has an onsite denture lab so no sending out, just to get his take. He has advanced education in implants, so no doubt will encourage that if possible, but again, I think it's just going to be far too cost prohibitive. We'll see.

Oddly enough I have no bleeding when brushing (except when I switched to Oral B Pro toothbrush, but that lasted 2 days, thought it was the high rotation of the brush). No sensitivity, gums didn't appear obviously diseased till this flare-up. This past week they hurt so bad I don't sleep, have to cut food with a knife, and clearly have changes in gum appearance, swelling, dark spots. Obvious symptoms hit full force out of the blue.

I am a jaw clencher, don't even realize I'm doing it, and think sometimes I do grind my teeth at night so will mention that.
I am concerned that your mobile teeth are still mobile. I have one front tooth that is barely hanging on (injury from minor accident) and a couple others that are slightly mobile from perio disease. I was really hoping those would become stable again post LANAP. (My teeth used to be near perfect till shifts started to occur.) Was told by my DDS that a bridge can't be done on that very loose front tooth because of slight mobility of surrounding teeth, so unless I opt for bone graft/implant on that front tooth, or am offered an alternative in consults, I'm definitely looking at a partial there.

Thanks so much for the info on the denture board, I am checking it out next. And thanks for reassurance about DDS reaction. I was disappointed in that regard, and it brought my visit to a subtle but swift close (no cleaning or exam by him as was planned, just wrapped up the conversation, a bit of whispering behind me and hygienist said "ok, I'll walk you back up front now.) Hours there and all I had were bitewings and discussion, and was so stunned by news I got just wanted out of there anyway.

I keep reading/hearing there is little to no pain with LANAP. Was that your experience? I've handled caps, root canals no problem. But the thought of someone cutting my gums and stitching, just can't seem to bear it.

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