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Re: Severe and Sudden Lower Abdominal Pain

WOW! How you have described the pain is EXACTLY how mine feels. I also feel like i could be spitting out blood when i am having the pain too, and it comes in waves feeling like contractions, but it is definitely not menstrual pain, like you said. I remember rolling around on the floor as well trying to find a comfortable position and not being able to speak. I have had it every four months and was able to tell when I would have it for about a year, until i decided to tell my doctor about it. I last had the pain in February and was suppose to have it again in June-but for the first time it did not come. My family doctor expects me to have interstitial cystitis, which is a condition involving your bladder where it sometimes goes into spasms near the menstrual cycle. He gave me medicine for it and I believe it has cured me=] Thank god!
tell your doctor about interstitial cystits
The medicine i take is called elmiron!
hope this helps!