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Re: Cystoscopy experience

I had a cystoscopy ("male") just short of a year ago, but still it's quite clear in my memory. Looking at the previous posts on this topic from other gentlemen it would seem that such experiences were virtually the same. My wife who is a Nursing Supervisor was with me trying to quell my fears as she accompanied me on one of her days off into the Urological procedure room. I tried my most to hide my fears and embarrassment. My wife was her sweetheart normal self as always. I never had a cystoscopy before. And yes I was scared as hell because my wife knew it even though we had discussed it several times. The urologist was a female doctor. That part didn't bother me as much as the procedure itself, even though she had told me in meticulous detail what I would experience during the whole procedure in her doctors office. After the female urologist had cleansed my penis with some kind of antiseptic solution, then, she injected a liberal amount of lidocaine jelly down inside my urethra. It did sting when the jelly passed between my prostatic area and inside the sphincter neck of the bladder.
She then slowly and gently introduced and guided the flexible cystoscope tube down my urethra. There was no pain until it passed between my prostate gland and neck of the bladder. I was some damned glad my wife nurse was at my side because I was grimacing and squeezing my wife's hand at this point. The female urologist asked me if I was OK ? Feeling embarrassed I just nodded my head with an affirmative gesture. The doctor continued her procedure until a short 30 secs later I started having extreme painful spasms in my bladder I didn't understand. My wife coaxed me to slow my breathing apprehension down which eased the painful bladder spasms.
A short time later and the female urologist had finished her procedure.
She apologized to me and told me that sometimes such things do happen unexpectedly. Did I come out of this a heroic trooper ? Well gentlemen lets just say all ego aside it helps when you have a wonderful sweetheart wife who happens to be a Nurse Supervisor at your side.

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