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Re: what were your first symptoms of lupus?

When I was born I had an unusual health situation. My bowel was inside out and my intestines were rapped and tangled. Had surgery at 2mo old. My first Lupus symptoms were "Growing pains" as an 8year old. By 10 it was dx as juvenile arthritis. Raynoids phenomenon at 20. Surgery on feet to remove nodules at 21. 4 miss carriages between 20-25. (after 9mo in bed I did have a healthy girl at 25.) Gallbladder and appendix removed at 25. Hysterectomy at 40. Shingles at 45. Developed plantar warts all over feet and hands.Three weeks later completely engulf with joint pain and swelling could no longer walk (braces and walker).Diagnosed with RA and LUpus at 46 Discoid at 47. Diagnosed with conective tissue disease (RA, LupusSLE, Lupus Discoid) Today I am on Plaquinel, methotrexate, mega vitamins. Still have joint pain but no longer need braces or walker. Biggest problem is discoid and the sun.