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Re: what were your first symptoms of lupus?

hi all,thanks for your symptoms have been going on for a very long time.i've had a lot of blood work over the years and i am thankful it always comes back okay.i am 43 and have had ibs/c since my teen years.a few years back i've had right side pain and it lasted for months.i had an ultra sound and it was normal as well.i had another episode of this last year.i think it is ibs as it always goes away after months though.i also have had interstitial cystitis which is a bladder condition since my early 30's.i mostly have a frequency problem and there is micro blood in my urine but no bacteria so it is not an infection most of the other problems are and the list is long....joint pains,especially in the large joints.back,shoulder and neck pain.i'm sure i have disk problems as well.i have tinnitus,constant ringing in my lower legs sometimes swell if i'm standing or sitting too fingers will go numb if i'm outside on a cool day and will stay that way for a while even after coming indoors.i'm tired all the time,even as a child,i would have rather taken a saturday afternoon nap than be outside playing with the other kids.i have recently developed a lot of allergies,from seasonal allergies to vision gets blurry with them too.i really feel my joints aching in cold weather,mostly my legs and back.i'm cold all the time when others are not.i usually dress in layers inside in the winter.i have noticed on and off that once in a while i will get a few red spots on my forehead after a hot shower.i t doesn't happen all the time.last year i had a couple of low grade unexplainable fevers.i've had chronic insomnia for years.i've been on a beta blocker for years due to a fast heart rhythm.i'm depressed a lot and have an anxiety disorder.see,i told you the list was long.thanks for listening.
what is anyone's opinion on what i mentioned?thanks for your input.
hope you are all doing well.

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