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Re: My son has what?

My son turned 23 years old last month and I am still asking what will be down the road for him. You just don't know and you wouldn't want to know. My son is low-functioning and I would not have wanted to know that in the early years, where he would be today, if I had known, I guess I wouldn't have been able to have the hope that compelled me to always reach for the top bar with him, to just keep reaching. My son walked at 18 months and rolled over at 4 weeks, was completely toilet trained at 6 years old but now functions at the pre-school level but you know what, my son is a gentleman and has compassion for others, he conducted himself in social situations so that you wouldn't even know that he was different. It was always my goal for him, not the school's for darn sure, to have the social skills training the top priority so that he could go out into the world and enjoy it and next the personal care skills which he excels in. So, just take each day one at a time and you'll love him no matter how he functions and whatever level he functions at, he can still be happy. Other than actual health related issues, your child with Down syndrome is normal, treat him that way.

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