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Re: what were your first symptoms of lupus?

Duane, I don't have the typical butterfly rash either, but I do occasionally have a reddened area on my cheeks, kind of resembles a wind burn look that will appear and disappear in a few days. I do have not warts but circular raised abrasive growths on two of my fingers. They are bothersome when I type or do something requiring expert dexterity. But I file them down with an emery board. They are like dried callouses of sorts. Those and occasional single blister lesions that scar that are on my upper arms and back are the only skin problems that I have other than an obvious thinning of my skin in the last 2-3 years.

The memory challenges I attributed to FMS but I seem to be better with the fibro fog since diagnosed with Lupus and on Plaquenil therapy.

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