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Bloated abdomen

Hi... I am a 19 year old female that for the past year I have been suffering from what seemed like IBS... constipation, diarrhea, bloating, indigestion, & gas. Well... over the past 2 months it has progressively gotten worse.

About 3 months ago I got my period on time, but what was unusual was that it lasted for 8 day's straight & was heavy the whole time. That was very unusual for me because I have been on the BC pill for 4 years now due to heavy & painful periods that would last for 6-7 days, & because my serious bf at the time & I started having sex (we dated for 2 years). Since I've started the pill, my periods are always the same time every month & last no longer then 4-5 days (more like 5 on average though).

Well the following month (last month), about 2 weeks before my period... I started having abdominal bloating, extreme dizziness to the point I felt faint & had to lie down, nausea but I did not have the urge to vomit, constipation, & pain/cramping in my abdomen & lower abdomen. The pain felt as if someone was taking my ovaries & squeezing them or pushing on them... it felt like immense pressure in my lower part of my abdomen. The cramping was more like a menstrual cramping that lasted for 2 weeks before my period & throughout my period once I got it. My period did come on time & lasted the normal 5 days though.

Well I felt somewhat normal for about a week & a half (with just abdominal bloating)... until about mid-way through this week (which is 2 weeks before my period again). I now have nausea and lower abdominal bloating that feels like extreme pressure or a fullness...

Last night in fact I had the pressure feeling. It came on suddenly as I was laying down watching some tv. I stood up & looked at the size of my stomach & it was huge! I went onto my computer, sat down & typed in

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