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Re: what were your first symptoms of lupus?

hi all,thanks for your replies.

over the years i have noticed tiny red blood dots under the skin (pin point size)on my stomach mostly.they have faded but i showed this to my doctor several years ago who said that my joint pains and these red spots were from aging.i was about 40 at the time.i've noticed over the past couple years that my skin really looks thin,esp on my arms.i am embarrassed by how they look because the skin is so thin that it is becoming wrinkled.i am 43 but my arms look a lot older than someone that age.i'm tired of drs. blowing off my symptoms as getting memory has gotten a lot worse as i mentioned.
i've been in an ic flare on and off for a year now.

has anyone else noticed vision changes too.past six months has gotten hearing is not as it once was either due to the constant ringing.

i'm tired of a multitude of problems and no one (doctors of mine) are listening.
what tests should i ask for when i go to the dr.?any specific ones?

best wishes to you all.thank you all for taking the time to answer my questions.