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Re: confused yet hopeful - is it autism?

How is your life though? Are you happy, sad, frustrated? If you want to delve deeper them maybe a bit a therapy can't hurt, but get someone who really understands Asperger's, it's such a buzz word lately, for good reason though. Check out some books at the library and do some reading on it. It may help you understand your thought process more, and also those around you will be more understanding. Tony Attwood has some good books. Though it seems they are a bit more geared towards children more disabled with Asperger's that don't function well. If you are in a relationship you are truly not so dis-abled. There are so many levels of dis-ability with Aspergers, from low functions to very high, think Einstein, There are a bunch of people who are suspected of having Asperger's: Bob Dylan, Bill Gates, Issac Newton, Keanu Reeves, you can google this.