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Yet another crazy hospital vist.

As you know, if I am not here for a couple of days' it's because something had gone crazy..... and it did.

I received a call Saturday morning that Dad had falled. He hit his face (possible fractured bone in his face) and possible hip fracture. So I was off to the ER to meet Dad. We both arrived about the same time and he was in relatively good mood laying on the stretched, just a little confused as to why he was there since he didn't remember the fall at all. He did have a nasty looking place on the side of his face and there was some distortion there. He was complaining of something wrong with his leg but we couldn't pin point the actually location of the pain. So off to CT scans and x-rays. We were lucky and there were no broken bones. But there was a slight cranial bleed so the neurologist we were assitned wanted to admit him to the neurology floor for observation until the next morning. He assured me it was probably ok but wanted to be sure. Sister 2 had shown up at the ER and decided to go to the facility to check on Mom and get a few things Dad needed. On her way to the facility a lady forgot to turn left in a curve and ran right into the side of her car. She was not hurt but spent the afternoon dealing with wreckers and policeman.

But when Dad was moved he was moved to a new Cardiadic observation unit instead of neurology. Shortly afterwards Sister 2 arrived. I decided to leave her with Dad for an hour, get my phone charger and some supper. Before I could return she called me to HURRY~~~

Evidently the nurse saw the need to call another physician and get an order for an iv. The neurologist intentionally didn't order one because he didn't want them starting any iv's during Dad' sundowning in such a strang stressful place. In went the IV and Dad went off his rocker. Before I returned they had given him a massive dose of iv ativan. Then they came in and gave him another before I knew what they were doing. The nurse said there would be a THIRD injections and I said NO WAY!! At that point Dad couldn't not even lift his arms effectively let alone get up. So I listened to Dad's aggitated ramblings all night as he struggled to move. I was so ******. He finally settled down this morning about 8:30 am.... settled into a heavy drugged sleep. I waited a couple of hours for the neurologist to show up for rounds.

Just before sister 2 showed up today I went on a rampage. I told the nurse to page the neurologist and also the ER doctor that I really liked. I wanted to see one or both immediately. The neurologist came in first. I shut the door and told him I was tired of watching stupidity trickle down to the bottom and I was going to the top to get something done.... going to HIM. First I showed him Dad's IV and he flipped out along with me. He ask why it was there and I said they had given Dad two heavy doses of Ativan which explained his drugged stupor. He was further infuriated. With the massive doses of Ativan we would not watch for the tell tell symptoms of head injurty which was why Dad was there. He told me to hold on while he did some "homework" in the charts. I heard him at the nursing station going balistic!!! Just as he arrived back at the room the Er doctor showed up and we filled him in. He was furious because he agreed with the no iv and the drugs were excessive.

The three of us made a plan. The neurologist scheduled Dad for an Urgent CT stan. That way he would know if the bleed was getting any wrose. If nothing more showed up today then the ER doctor was coming back at 4 to release Dad if the facility would take him back in his ativan stupor. I had no doubt they would but called for verification and they told me to bring him back NOW!! They are so great! So I woke Dad enough to get some food and liquid in him as well as the meds he needed. I kept him clean and dry since he couldn't tell me when he needed to go. I did everything for Dad, and had him dressed in a chair at 4 PM. Good to his word the ER doctor showed up at 3:55. He refused to let the nurses do most of the discharge procedure and expedited the discharge process. Then I loaded my drunken Dad into my car and took him back home. He is out cold sleeping off the effects of the drugs as I type.

I have not seen a bed since yesterday morning.. I am once again preparing to write the customer service VP that I wrote about Mom's episode with the restraings.... and the neurologist said that he would validate everything I said. The nurses took it upon themselves to do more than authorized and then gave too much med because Dad was sundowning and they upset him. Beyond that point there was no help for me and Dad. I am just eternally greatful to the great neurologist and super ER doctor that put an end to this crazy two days.

The one interesting thing that did happen was the ER doctor let me see Dad's CT scan. If there was ever a doubt of the severity of Dad's dementia I don't have any now. The atrophy on that scan was astounding. Knowing it...and seeing it are two different things. While it was interesting to see it was terrifying to watch knowing that was Dad's brain missing much of the right side and a little less of the left. All I can say is WOW.....

I am greatful that Dad had no fractures but once again realized just how ineffective hospitals are at dealing with dementia patients.

Love, deb

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