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Re: Need Help!

Hi Jucidots,

I suggest before you go to the appointment on the 6th to get copies of your pathology reports. Find out what they say about your last procedure and what type of abnormal cells were found on this most recent pap.

You also need to let your doctor know how painful the last LEEP was. It is possible for your doctor to schedule you for a CKC (cold knife cone biopsy) instead of the LEEP. The LEEP can be done in-office, but the CKC would have to be done under anesthesia at a day surgery center. It takes a little longer to do the CKC than the LEEP and you have to go under anesthesia, but the tissue sample from the CKC has clear edges which is one thing the pathologist will be looking for in some cases.

You have options.

The more procedures you have to your cervix, the greater the chance of having cervical competency during pregnancy. HOWEVER, if it appears that the cervix is too thin, the doctor can do a circlage (sp?) which is basically a thread which the doctor sews through the cervix to keep it closed so you can hold the baby in your utuerus. The baby is later delivered by C section.

You have options. I strongly suggest you go to the doctor with a written list of questions. If the doctor wants to do a LEEP right then and there (along with the colposcopy), you can ask for it to be done another day.

Take care and let us know how you are doing.