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Re: what were your first symptoms of lupus?

Hi Duana, I hope that you are well today....
Joint pain that I get is mostly large also....hips, knees, wrists, spine, shoulders and yours....often it is transient and moves sometimes affecting my big right toe or the bunion joint....pointer finger....the joint pain gets worse in cooler weather or if I am in an air conditioned area.... the urinary problems are recurring infections not sure exactly what they are going to call it yet....just did tests again 2 weeks ago(been on a few anti-biotics to try to clear it up but whatever the problem is it keeps coming back....get the results tomorrow along with many other results....end of July I had scopes done on my colon and a scope done on my upper GI because of recurring heartburn/acid reflux....I refrain from eating all spicy foods, no dairy, no red meat, no caffein or pop (I suspect that the main cause of my GI/IBS issues are from all the anti-inflammatories that I have taken in the past....anyhows tomorrow I will get all the results my lupus brain fog moment I had thought all last week that my appoinment was for today....LOL....but it is tomorrow....CIAO for now