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Re: Please help: big decisions - LANAP results from anyone who has had it??

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Results depend on many things, but you taking care of yourself correctly is HUGE! LANAP is not magic, but it sure does some neat stuff. It is too bad so many dentists are ignorant to what LANAP offers, and poo poo it out of that ignorance.

As long as you don't define "demoralizing" as being told by someone who cares that you are in bad shape, and here are your options, go somewhere else. I don't know any LANAP dentists that make people feel bad intentionally. You are actually in the majority of all adults if you have gum disease, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! No doubt about it. Just don't give up until you find out all your options. If no one near does it, call and find out who is closest. It will likely be worth the drive.

Also, not everyone bleeds, especially if they smoke. Which by the way (smoking) is about the worst thing you can do for gum health.

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