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Re: warts and acid treatment

I had a wart that I had to have burned off many times and it kept coming back, time after time, then it spread and I had 2 warts, had them burned and burned off and they kept coming back and I had yet another one. I changed from having them burning off to having them frozen and after several trys at freezing, (3times I think), I am finally rid of the first 2 and plan to go have the 3rd one frozen again next week.

It sounds to me like that wart is still there and coming back. That 'bump" is what mine did. They can go prtetty deep and need more than one treatment. I would get back to the doctor while it is small and only a little bump and get it treated again. A NP told me the virus is in your body now and that is why they keep coming back. Keep at it and don't give up or you will never get rid of it and it'll spread.