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Re: Hpylori

My stomach is just sore to the touch, right below my sternum. I am usually fine in the morning and as the day goes on I start to feel the pain. I noticed it happens more at my job. I work in a hospital and I am very stressed and busy, plus I work the night shift and don't get much sleep with 4 boys. They are all in school now, but still busy. Also I get this tightness in between my breasts. I went to the ER for it before I tested positve and they game me this cocktail stuff that numbed me and the pain went away. They also did an EKG and everything was normal. I think it's all related. Plus reading all the crap about Hpylori, cancer and stuff I have been totally stressed out. Plus my stools are not the same. Just still feel like I have the infection.

Thanks, Kim Your next. What's your symtoms?????