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Originally Posted by lilsis1967 View Post
My stomach is just sore to the touch, right below my sternum. I am usually fine in the morning and as the day goes on I start to feel the pain. I noticed it happens more at my job. I work in a hospital and I am very stressed and busy, plus I work the night shift and don't get much sleep with 4 boys. They are all in school now, but still busy. Also I get this tightness in between my breasts. I went to the ER for it before I tested positve and they game me this cocktail stuff that numbed me and the pain went away. They also did an EKG and everything was normal. I think it's all related. Plus reading all the crap about Hpylori, cancer and stuff I have been totally stressed out. Plus my stools are not the same. Just still feel like I have the infection.

Thanks, Kim Your next. What's your symtoms?????
I am sorry u feel bad my syptoms are pain in the upper stomach like real bad bloated and at times sharp pains that start from the middle of my stomach and thur the back and up thur the thoart like a heart attack but they say my heart is ok well hell I have no ideal I just know when I have my attacks they are worse last all day sometimes now two days of bad pain wish we all could just be weellll your new friend angel it helps to talk to someone so thanks again