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Re: tmj and sinus connection

its muscle inflammation from the condyle wherein there is a slipped disc and it is pushing on your sinus cavities. overall, your sinuses might be fine but it's the inflammation from tm joints causing your issues and the inflammation going into the sinus territory.

look how close the jaw joint is to the ear. makes sense that if it inflames the sinuses would hurt although they, themselves, have no actual problem.

using a netty pot won't really do anything unless you actually DO have a sinus problem. the steroid helps because its an anti-inflammatory but it's not a cure and only temporarily.

EDIT: basically, at this point in medicine, there is nothing we can do about it because we cannot control changes in the weather or altitude. it's like with anyone who has stiff joints and they hurt during bad weather; same thing we just have an unfortunate location. :-(

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