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Re: Anyone else have agoraphobia?

i've had anxiety and panic attacks since i was little, but only struggled with agoraphobia for the first time a few years ago. i too never want to venture far from my home and am always panicked about having a panic attack in public, while driving, or when i'm out alone with my son. it's so terrifying to feel that out of control. i try to talk myself down and tell myself that there's physically nothing wrong and it will pass....sometimes it does sometimes it doesn't. when i was younger my breathing was i have heart racing and EXTREME dizziness to the point where i can't see. it's scary and awful.
i feel ok only when i am with my husband who is my "safe person". when he's out with me i feel so free and normal....but of course he works all day and can't be with me all the time. i also have ocd which prevents me from taking medicine. if <YOU>can take meds ask your doc to switch <YOU> to a new one. hope <YOU> feel better soon.

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