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hinged AFO's and more.....

Does anymore have a child with a hinged AFO? My son will be receiving a pair sometime this month. He has also been put on clonidine and his tone has decreased tremendously. I can stretch him better, and his walking seems to be less jerky. He is now 5 years old and has been using his potty for 2 weeks now. I had to go out and buy another potty because he just wasn't successful in the toilet. We put rails on the toilet and a footstool on the floor so he could bare down when he had a bowel movement but he was so stressed trying to balance. I found a potty at a store that is a bit larger than the other kind and he has been doing his business in that for 2 weeks now. I'm so relieved because I"m trying to get him potty trained so he won't be in a special needs kindergarten. He is so intelligent. I still have to do alot of fine motor with him. You know how it is. It seems like I'm still not doing enough. You know what I mean? He is a happy child and that is all that really matters.

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