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Re: HPV in the mouth questions

thankfully it wasn't cancerous. My doctor wants me to visit him monthly to monitor any spreading but ofcourse, I dont want to wait for a month so I decided myself to see him every 2 weeks. He doesnt mind it though. He's been holding me for tonsillectomy, I kept thinking of myself if I follow his order then I will keep feeling that something stuck on my throat every time i swallow so now i'm changing my doctor and may soon get tonsillectomy. This is the reason why I join an online support group like this because I thought someone is in the same situation, it looks like im the only one dealing it and i should be put in a test tube to be studied (lol). So anyone out there how to deal with HPV on tonsil please please please share...
Like everyone in here, age seems a crucial way to determine if HPV would turn cancerous. as I am 26, even my doctor say it's less likely for me to have HPV and immediately things go crazy and i'll get cancer. He told me as long as I keep a good healthy lifestyle like not drinking and smoking (which I dont) and ofcourse thanks tiggy here who help me and gave me hope that HPV can be remove out of your system as long as you eat and live a healthy lifestyle. So if i were you, if you get HPV pos from a biopsy i would start eating and living a healthy lifestyle. I just had a full glass of carrot shake (carrots has pretty good antioxidants) and I am drinking my 3rd cup of green tea (green tea has high antioxidants too). So just keep observing whats going on in your mouth and girl, you need to see a doctor! It's amazing no matter how careful we are with our sexual lives, it could really change the rest of your life! Sex after all isn't worth it! It opens to a can of worms (HPV worms!)! I just read an article about the oldest woman who just recently died, she said she never "fooled around." So i hope people out there listen to her cuz i think the more you fool around the closer you are to your grave (just a thought!). Had I know about this before, i would never ever have sex at all! Man, the whole stay virgin til you get married or stay virgin forever if you dont wanna get married is apparently! Good luck girl and keep questions coming and keep this posts alive cuz this disease exists and we need everyone's support!!!