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Re: Holy toledo Batman - its an aneurysm!

hey NB? has anyone actually thought to just do one angiogram on you to really see if this IS a veinous fed lesion or an arterial one? or is this what you actually are referring to with what you stated as an "agioplast"? i think you may have just heard that word wrong since an angioplasty is a whole different procedure for a totally different reason.

there are a few different types of actual vascular malformations we can end up with not only in the brain, but within the spinal cord too. i honestly do NOT get the stethescope thing and how malformations make a "noise??? thats a new one for me and i have extensively researched vascular malformations and aneurysms too since i was born with the veinous type actually IN my spinal cord and then in 05 ended up being Dxed with a brain aneurysm too. i would think having the high pressure aneurysm make some noise would be much more likely if you could even hear it at all? tho whenver blood is being forced thru any of our vessls and there is 'something' kind of 'in' a vessel or it is just malformed, if it was close enough to the skin you could hear what are called 'bruits'.but this is just more likely to be heard if you had a problem say, within the neck or anywhere else that the vessels involved are simply closer to the skin surface. it just changes the blood flow velocity. i would not put much stock in anything that the doc mentioned about anything either being heard or not heard when it comes to something within our brains. too many other factors can change anything up there.

you could possibly have what is called an arterioveinous malformation which could consist of both an artery and vein being involved. since one is always ment to be a low pressure vessel and the other a high pressure, there should never ever actually be ANY direct connection between the two. this is just one of the few different ones. i had in my spinal cord what is called a cavernous hemangioma that like i mentioned above, i was actually born with in there up at around the C 7 T 1 level. the only real way to tell just what types of vessels actually 'make up' the lesion in your brain would be with a good contrasted MRI being done. or if this just IS a true aneurysm with an angiogram. an arterial malformation such as aneurysm would simply really 'light up, vs the veinous fed that since it is not a part of the arterial structures up there, would not. my MRI that found my lesion in the cord at first stated it WAS an arterioveinous malformation up til we did the angio and it did not light up. that is when they changed my real Dx to the hemangioma.

i am just truely shocked at allll the brain tests you had done during this period of time and no one could actually find an aneurysm or looked deeper into the veinous fed finding to at least make certain just what this really consisted of? that really IS appalling to have to go thru and really get nothing? why soo many CTs? that one just does not make any real sense to me. CTs just only show so much and are no where NEAR as good as seeing vascular malformations like an MRI with contrast would be.

but if this is only the 4 mms it could have been hidden like my aneurysm was only upon the actual MRI. mine was right at the bend off an artery just making mine harder to really detect. i ended up having what is called a 3 tesla scan that uses three times the magnetism of a regular type of MRI and along with that an MRA too. that is when they finally saw it.

hopefully what ever this actually is,you will be able to get it coiled instead of having to go thru an actual craniotomy. the coiling is what they did with my aneurysm and i have had no problems at all. very minimally invasive procedure i just had done on a monday, spent that night in the ICU for monitoring, then went home the very next afternoon. this is done by a neurointerventional radiologist,the same person who will do your angiogram? it is all done just going thru the artries to your brain starting at the femoral artery within the groin area? just amazing what these types of specialists can do with anything vascular.

just make certain that they fully inform you as to what this malformation actually is EXACTLY,then make sure you get ALL possible options fully explained too. alot of what can or cannot be done in some cases depends alot on how that actual aneurysm looks. if it has a neck on it, you are in luck and could have just a coiling done. if not, they may have other possible options now too. but just make sure that YOU just KNOW everything you need to. getting all of your own copies of all your own radiology reports really is rather important too, just so YOU have your own copies yourself. this is just a part of your medical history.

i do hope things turn out okay for you. please let me know how things are going. if you have any questions, just hollar. marcia
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