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Re: 27 year old down snydrome with possibilty of having dementia

Originally Posted by nannajean View Post
Hi-I am very depressed-there is a very good chance my daughter is developing dementia-is there anyone out there with this similar problem? Please help!!!!
I have a daughter also, age 21, having similar problems. We have ran every test under the sun, with nothing showing. I began thinking it might be hormonal also. She stares, no seizures, she has begun rocking, and has never done that, she is in her own little world, the things she once did she no longer does, washing clothes, folding clothes, loving school, keeping her room tidy. She goes in and out, good days, bad days, more bad days than good. But I have noticed her touching more at the bottom, so I am leaning to the hormonal/desires. We placed her on Lexapro and ambien because she was not sleeping. I/2 dose she's up at night, full dose she does not want to get up for school. She falls asleep at school, no sleeping at home. It is mind boggling as what it could be. I also looked up dementia and she shows the symptoms as well as other nuerological like schitzo. I believe someone is out there that has had these same problems that can relate.