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Re: Anorexia and digestive problems

I had very bad digestive issues also after my last bout with anorexia. My dr prescribed Reglan which helped tremendously. I had a lot of issues with swelling also that have only recently subsided (it's been a year). I will still swell if I restrict or skip meals.

I had to take my recovery very slowly and only introduce small amounts of food at a time.

In addition to the Reglan: moderate exercise, lots of water, and very small, frequent meals helped. I can't handle dairy at all anymore so replacing it with soy and rice products has reduced the bloating.

Recently, I started supplementing with Metamucil and that's helping out my slow digestive system too.

My heart goes out to you...I know it's tough. For me, recovery was by far more uncomfortable and difficult than anything I ever experienced with EDs. ED was easy for me and the thinner I was the better I felt (physically). Recovery is worth it though and EDs weren't...they took too much from my life in other ways.

Take Care!