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Having Symptoms, need help/advice

I have been having really bad hypochondria for almost a whole year.

It began around last year in November, when I started becoming obsessed with my heart beat, and I am out of shape and my heart rate is a bit higher than normal.

Skipping to this year, in January, I started trying to run on treadmills at this one place a couple times a week. At least a half an hour to an hour of jogging.

In early February, I went through a week of being fatigued, and hearing booming noises when trying to sleep, like Exploding Head Syndrome or something.
That passed over, and I was well for about a week and a half then got a bit of a cold.
Then I started having green stool, and I kept thinking it was cancer (stupid I know) but I didn't take notice of drinking blue gatorade.

Then a very big turning point for my health happened.
I had diarrhea and my stool was red, and I thought it was blood, but it was just from fruit punch, but as I thought it was blood, I had a serious panic attack.

After that night I developed IBS symptoms, and frequent urination that to this day still persist. The following nights, I had irregular bowel movements for 3 weeks.

I went to the ER 2 times and the doctors once, they said they think I have IBS, but didn't really say much about the urination, other than I might have been drinking too much fluids. However, that's not true since it still persists to this day.

I've been having on and off IBS, frequent urination that barely backs down, it increases when I drink more fluids, sometimes head dizziness/head pressure (It came up months later, stopped, then came back again another few months later), vision trails, and now I have stomach cramps/acid reflux.

I have been having severe hypochondriac thoughts, like having cancer, or pituitary tumors/diabetes insipidus, kidney failure, heart failure, and all, and I can't go one day without thinking about my health.

I can't go to the doctors anymore for a long time because I don't have the money to do it.

I've had increased nervousness and anxiety this year because of what's all happening to me. It's probably the worst year of my life I've ever had, having to move, going through this, and this end of the world BS I have to keep hearing from conspiracy and theory idiots.

I've seen my symptoms come up many many times in anxiety symptom lists.
I need to know if people are having similar problems and how anxiety can affect people's healths.

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