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Re: Holy toledo Batman - its an aneurysm!

Thanks byoung6 and marcia. I really don't have any answers, as I waiting for a call back. I assume he was going to do an angiogram - to confirm its an anneurysm. Marcia - didn't think about the difference between Vein vs. Artery. I was just so thrilled that I was finally being given answers - vs. Duh, I don't really know.

I think some of it stems from the original Neurologist - he was in his last year before retiring. ****** that I asked for a second opinion - then even more ****** when I demanded that he order the Cat scan that the second Neuro suggested. He mumbled, covered his lips while talking - knowing full well, I'm hearing impaired and read lips. He was the one however, that taught me to get copies of all reports - if I hadn't, I would never have known that something suspicous showing.

So, Marcia - can you explain the difference between MRI vs MRI with contrast??? Do they use a dye with contrast like the Cat scan? I'm not sure which one I had done, so I'll have to read my report. Is a Tesla 3 MRI the same as a PET scan? I'm still trying to figure out the difference between the different machines/tests. Also, if a Neurologist finds something suspicous like this - would he send me to a Neurosurgeon or would he do the angiogram himself. I have never heard of a "neurointerventional radiologist" - so not sure how its done here. As far as the hearing a noise issue - he said as he does not hear anything, it is "unlikely" that it would be a malformation. However, he did say, if it ends up being a malformation - there are options to help and the Neurologist said there was "nothing" that could be done.

Yes, its shocking the amount of tests I've had and only just now finding out answers. I'm glad that certain illness have been ruled out - however, going 2 years with a possible aneuryism and no one even telling me really boils me up. This Neurosurgeon thought I had refused to get the angiogram done thats why nothing had been done in 2 years - I explained that I was not given the info so could not have given a decision. All the more reason to get copies of everything. I found an error in the ENT's notes saying "patient says hearing is getting worse, and had normal hearing before" - however, I was born with congenital nerve damage and only recently have started loosing my hearing. No wonder he didn't do anything either .

Byoung6 - I hope you are able to find out soon. I hate fighting with the insurance companies. I'm still fighting with mine to get my long term benefits. The last time I went out - they ended up granting me my benefits 5 months AFTER I returned to work - and only because I had attempted suicide and they had to give me based on Psychiatric vs Neurological. They are trying now to say, as I am not depressed - therefore I'm ok to work. Which came first - the illness or the depression? I know which one did. This time however, as my return to work was not sucessful - I know I can no longer work in my job or any other occupation - I'm fighting it till the end.

Marcia - wow, you know your stuff. I just goes to show, we have to become educated in medicine or else we won't get the answers.

I thank you for your replies and thank you for your prayers. I am so glad there are so many caring people on this board. Again thanks!

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