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Re: Copaxone Injections

Yes, the swelling is likely due to the solution beneath your skin, slowly absorbing into the tissue.

Calling Shared Solutions may yield different answers - one nurse might tell you that putting a warm compress on the site before injection will make the tissue beneath your skin more receptive to the solution ... others will suggest putting ice before injecting to numb the site. Personally, I think warm makes more sense - it's not the needle itself that hurts, it's the absorption.

After six months, I no longer used heat or ice - but I did learn a helpful hint on another board from another person on Copaxone - do not massage for at least 24 hours, but do press firmly for a solid minute (with a cotton ball) to help force the solution deeper into the layer of fat - it could minimize that "puddling" you mentioned, and lessen the lump and its duration.

I'm over two years on the injections now, and the burn and ache that follows is still present, and the lumps still appear but last less than a week and are not consistent ... hips are less likely to lump, thighs are more. Arms are 50/50, and the abdomen is unpredictable.

Wishing you well on this journey ... it's not a walk in the park.
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