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Hello,28 months ago I was listening and chatting with some friends from my hometown. I live away from my country from many years and listening to my music and my people makes me feel connected and closed to my country.
A girl began logging in and chattin with us, something that we knew right away that she was a rich girl because her last time. She was interested on the dj of that radio station from my hometown and it was clear everybody on the chat knew about it. After many times this girl came to talk to us in the chat one day she told me to enter msm to talk to me and I did. She told me the whole story about what was happening with this DJ and that he had many other ladies but he wanted her, she was a confused girl. I was able to give her some advise and she told me her mom was very busy with her business that she had nobody to talk about her problemas. She was and still is on a prestigious US university. She is a very smart girl, this month she turn 21 and is almost finishing 2 masters and is determine to go for her doctorate.
Very soon after she met me via msm, she adopted me as her aunt. I don't have kids and I felt that gesture nice of her.
This is the first time I had a friend on the internet and we spent a lot of time chatting. Shegave me her phone number, I gave her mine but in 28 months she had phone me twice for no more than 2 minutes. Through me she met another male marriage friend that was also from that radio chat. I told her that my friend was nice and that it will be no problem if she and him chat or email. she told me to give him her email. I did and they also became friends.
Last year he came to usa for a visit and she drove 3 hours to meet him and his family. I was very excited that he had meet this girl that we only knew for chatting. On Dec 2007 I went to my country, she also was there spending christmas and I was not able to see her. I tried but she did not made the effort to see me. I was taking back about that.
She finally broke the relationship with the dj after I talk to her many times about that. On Jan 2008 I was on my country and I went to the radio in person and I was chatting from cabin with the other friends from usa and my "niece" saw mi on her palmone and send me an email that she was leaving our relationship because she saw me chatting from the radio office. I was surprise she did that, I thougth nothign wrong doing that.
After 2 months she began writing and apologized to me about her leaving. She is very a sensitive person,, she also is very careful about her pictures, after 2 years into our friendship she sent me a picture of her and that is because last year she was in Jordan and had an accident riding a horse and broke her shoulder, had 2 operations and she was riding to her bed, I was the one that for 5 months i was lifting her up and chatting with her. i found of her accident for our male friend. She did not phone or told her boyfriend o her nanny to call me to tell me about her accident.
After she got fine from her shoulder she began travelling the world again , going to the carnaval in my country etc, etc,
I noticed that when she is fine she began forgetting about our friendship.
This past June she left for holidays again for 2 months, came back direct to University, the best in the country. I sent her an email saying that I feel that her door have been closed for a while and I asked why?
she responded to me that she closed her door because I did not trust her on March/2008 that I did not gave her my hotmail password when she asked me to, I was very surprised about that.
I will tell you what happen with the password, last year she was in msm and very upset, she wanted me to give her my password to check if I had another girl from the chat that she thought was my favour girl, I said to her not that that hotmail account I had for many years and I had important thing on it, she argued that she gave me her hotmailaccount to see the emails the dj sent to her, I said yes, but that hotmail account you opened specially for him, it';s different and I did not asked you for that password you gave it to me. You don 't go to believe this but after so much anger from her side, I agreed and I gave her the password. She got in and after that she said that I had time to delete that girl and her email. Because we argued for a while about that. Even if I gave her the password she still did not believe me.
I was very angry that I let her to used me and I gave up to her desires.
I know she is a very spoiled girl, she get anything she want, it doesn't matter how many thousands o millions cost.
This month was her birhtday, I always send her an ecard because I have no way to phone her or send her something, the only comunication is chatting or email. After her birthday and 2 weeks ago was the last comunication I had with her. That was the night by email she answer my question about why she changed? she closed the door, I told her if you closed the door then there is not friendship, when you have a good friend and somebody you said you loved, you don't closed the door. I am waisting my time and I'm leaving, adios.
She reply back saying she never had a friend so nice like me.
I haven't heard from her anymore. I feel hurt, betrayed, angry. I gave my time, my love, my trust to this girl. She lied to me many times saying she will come to visit me, or she wil and wil and will and nothing happen.
I feel used, only when she is sick or lonely etc she talks to me in the chat. After that incident about the password she was different, never opens again with me like b4. I know things from a friend of her that is friend of our male friend. I'ts sad to heard the good and bad that happen to her for a third person.
I haven't talk to my husband about it because he will be upset with me that a 20 year old got me this way. He always told me that friendship in the internet is not good. I'm so trusted, I feel everybody is like me,good heart and trying not to hurt nobody.
I talked to my sister about it, she said that this girls was using me. She said is good she is gone. I don't deserve this.
I know this girl well, she had gone upset b4 and don't come back for even months, but she finally recognized her error and apologized. I don't know if I want that game anymore. It's to hard on me. I really got to love "my niece" as it was my own niece, I have 35 nieces and nephews from blood.
if you read this please give me your advise.


sad auntie

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