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Re: Mother is Dying of Lung Cancer, sister doesn't care...

Originally Posted by Abigail121 View Post
She passed away in July, thanks for asking. My sister is still in her own little world.
sweetie my baby girl. Jessica which lives in New York. loved her dad so much. and her older sister which is 9 years older. did not come see her dad like she should. but Jessica was holding his hand and the other on his heart. so she has a clear consious just like you should. sorry about sister and my older daughter but its a fact. but Jessica and I decided no sense trying to make her feel quilty . she knowes she wasnt there for her dad. and he has been gone 10 months and she still hasnt been here but one time and she lives 2 hours from me. and Jessica lives 12 hours away. she came many times. you sound so much like my Jessica. she just turn 27 last Oct. and he pass in Nov. Iv never seen 2 people that loved each other so much. she could tell him anything. i know she loves me and we are close. but nothing like her dad. so hold your head up high sweetie. you took care of your mom and dad. and they loved you for that. no matter what. sending you a big hug. a friend in North Carolina. faye