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Angry Here I go again yet another prob - polyp

I went for my pap and while speaking to the dr I mentioned I have been spotting a few days before my period is due-She said this is not normal (of course-nothing with me is) and sent me for a ultrasound to rule out fibroids. I went yest and told by the nice tech that I don't have fibroids but I have a polyp - oh yippie I think I prefer the fibroid because that is quite common polyp not so common to me anyway. So I ask what is next and is this cancerous - she said no it does not appear cancerous and these polyps are usually benign not to worry-well that isn't going to happen does she not know who I am - Ms worry wart. She said I would prob need a D/C. I must vent how fed up I am first, HPV, ACSUS pap and now a polyp. I am 42 and never have been able to get pregnant so this body of mine does not do what it is supposed to do but it gives me this mess. I wish I was a freaken man sometimes. So now I am scared, a nervous mess and have to wait for the first week of Oct to speak with my doctor. I am so stressed you could not believe-sorry but I just can't help it. Worry Wart I am. Any advice would be helpful thanks.

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