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Re: Here I go again yet another prob - polyp

If you had a choice of a polyp or a fibroid, it would be easier to have a polyp because removing that is very easy. The doc just has to go in and snip the little stalk and the polyp is gone. But removing a fibroid is a LOT harder because those grow into the tissue much deeper and sometimes they can't be removed because of how deeply they are grown into the tissue. And fibroids grow rather large also, whereas polyps don't get that big.

My sister has had this procedure to remove polyps done many times. Each time I have been with her in the hospital. It's no big deal at all. She is the biggest baby about this stuff and yet she is able to handle it each time without any problems. If someone like her, who fears needles and anesthesia and everything else can handle it then you should have no problems.

It's better to get the polyp removed because otherwise you'll have the spotting continue and it will annoying you and it will put a huge damper on your sex life. Just do it and you'll be glad it's gone. But don't worry about it, there's literally nothing to be afraid of with this surgery. It's so easy that even my chicken sister has had it done a number of times!