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Re: How much more....?

While in life's cycle there is sadness -- there is happiness in the fact that the person existed. You were lucky for the short years you had to have husband who loves you and cared for you, etc. Then apparently you found love again and while it resulted in the issue of a stillborn birth, you got to be held in someone's arms and be loved and can do so again in the future.

I too lost my Mom to dementia in February of this year and losing a parent is very hard. I lost my Dad in 1995.

In my case I lost 12 very close relatives in the first 10 years of marriage. Then lost father 7/1995, father-in-law 7/1996, husband in 4/2005 and lost mom in 2/2009. My husband was 48 years of age and we were married for 22 years.

So in the loss of people, I strive to have the happiness. I recently told my boyfriend that I've been seeing for two years; "look back not with regrets but ahead with anticipation". and I know its hard but I try to do it every single day.