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Re: HPV in the mouth questions

Oh my cancer on the cheek!!! Now that is scary! It's the first time i heard of that. I wonder what signs and symptoms you'll get. Yes, it's not worth it at all! Until a team of scientists will find a cure to HPV there's no way i'm having sex. Yes, it's true many many many medical practitioners are unaware of HPV. My 4th (got that 4th!) ENT doctor laughed at me when I told him I'm thinking of getting HPV vaccine despite my exposure. And responded that I dont have a "cervix". The moment he told me that i was like "ok doc, thanks for the time. I have to go" then switch to a different ENT. Because I'm scheduled to have tonsillectomy sometime in the next 3 months, so please send me positive thoughts for a speed recovery. I'll give details to my tonsillectomy soon. As for public awareness, i wish more and more people are asking about this situation. Email the Doctors TV and Dr. Oz, these people seem to be most effective of getting the message across... Let's get this together guys! We dont wanna get cancer because someone kiss us!

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Jake, I'm afraid you are correct in saying it's not worth the HPV health risk to have sexual contact. My neighbor's friend who is in his 30's was just diagnosed with HPV related oral cancer in his cheek.

My niece is 14 yrs. old and just started high school and says there is too much disease going around and therefore she's not interested in dating boys now or in the future! I think she is a wise girl and is making the correct decision. I'm middle-aged, single, and don't date either for the same reason. I read that 25% of single women aren't dating due to fear of catching STD's.

The fact that HPV can be spread by French kissing is devastating, I read that a bigger percentage of men will get HPV related oral cancer than women, but both sexes are at risk of oral cancer.

I'm shocked at the ignorance of the public regarding HPV, most have no clue how transmission occurs (even some medical people I have spoken with), and think they will be saved by a condom! There should be more public awareness of the danger of getting HPV from ANY sexual contact, even kissing.

Good luck to you.