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Re: HPV in the mouth questions

If you are surprised by HPV related oral cancer of the cheek, I read they have found the HPV virus in nasal cancer also. My friend happened to mention that her female neighbor was diagnosed with nasal cancer, so I researched it to see if it could be HPV related and sure enough, the article said HPV has been found in nasal cancer. I don't know if her neighbor has HPV related nasal cancer or not.

Last week on The Doctor's they mentioned that condoms offered protection from HPV when they had audience questions on different medical issues. I was really annoyed that they are misleading the public and was going to write them, but then I forgot, I got busy with home repairs, but I will send them a letter over the weekend.

Most doctor's are so ignorant and incompetent it's scary, you are much better off researching on your own, and then tell them how to treat you, provided they don't get ****** off and throw you out of the office (LOL).

I can't believe that moron M.D. said you didn't have a cervix, when you asked for the HPV vaccine! What about the risk of penile, anal, and oral cancer? You should have told that idiot the last time you looked you had all of those parts! It sounds like that doc is missing a brain!

Don't forgot there are over 100 strains of HPV, so the vaccine may protect you from the strain you don't already have.

Sending best wishes and good thoughts for a speedy recovery after your procedure!!!!!