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Re: Here I go again yet another prob - polyp part II

Dr. called me today after having transvaginal sonsonohysterography o yest. which scared me because that was quick. She said everything overall looks fine but of course there is always a butt they suggested I do a sonohysteroprahpy with some saline stuff because they think it is a polyp but it is so tiny they can not truly see it and this will give them a clearer pix. Uggghhh does it end. I then asked her is this a bad thing like cancer and she reassured me that was not something I need to think about and she doubted that very much. She explained it is up to me if I want to do this other test and I agreed that I would because as much as I hate this crap I rather be safe than sorry. Since I am also up there in age 42 and never had children and want 1 at least if possible I figure it is best to do this now because I am truly running out of time. I have not been able to get pregnant and the doctors don't know why because we have both been checked and nothing has come up but that was a few years ago and now I want to try one last time. So lets see what happens-I am soooooo sick of this.