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Re: a headache every day/sinus trouble.. any ideas?

OTC medicines containing an anti inflamatory pain killer, together with a decongestant, can be realy helpful

Aleave Sinus is great, one tablet works for 12 hours. Takking thses for a week or so can allow everything to drain and heal up.

Add a dash of eucyliptus oil to a bowl of boiling water, place a towel over the head, and inhale the steam and the fumes. The eucyliptus makes the nose run and the cillia work, because it is an irritant, so it helps clear away the thick gunk that can build up in the sunuses. Do this for say 10 minutes twice a day/

Given that antibiotics and steriod sprays havent worked, you may well need surgery to correct any issues, enlarge the sinus drainage holes, remove and polyps etc.

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