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Re: HPV in the mouth questions

So true! I couldnt agree more. Next week I'm going to see the potential doctor that will do my tonsillectomy. It's a really pricey procedure, though, it had promise me that the procedure will be outpatient and a really nice place. While Im there I decided to retake my STD tests. Let's hope it will all turn out negative. I did my test last May it was negative and 2 weeks after I got tonsillitis thanks to many many Haagen Daz ice cream I kept eating from an awful hot summer weather. Then i got a fever for a day and then boom, suddenly i felt something stuck in my mouth. Then the rest is crazy history! Now i kept pacing in my living room thinking and thinking, and decided that while i'll meet the doctor for consultation and planning i'll have to take an agonizing rapid testing! Ugh, see what you have to put up when you had sex (safe sex!)!!! I wonder how rock stars and Paris Hilton do it, sex here and there and wow, they never experience any HPV outbreak (lol!) or any stds! Oh lord, i can't wait to the day where I'll be free from this worries... I remember the time when I just have to worry about maintaining my six pack. Thanks to this virus, I'm gaining a lot of weight!!! Wish me luck...