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Re: Gardasil causing rashes? Please advice

You should do more research on these vaccines. You know the Gardisil has an obscene amount of dangerous side effects? Also there are hundreds of strains and this vaccine *may* guard against two. Yep, only two. So the likeness that you have sex and get ones of those strains is slim. On top of top, most of the time, the body clears and heals itself from these strains from causing abnormal cells. Abnormal cells on top of that are not cancerous. You should research this, because you will find it isn't worth it.

Once you have cancerous cells *if* it came to that, many women, are able to naturally heal themselves without drugs. The kicker is, the drug manufacturer admits in the package insert that they have NO IDEA how long the vaccine will work for. Could not work at all, many a few months, a year? All of this against two strains out of hundreds that you are not likely to contract and if you did, it is extremely unlikely you would get cancer.

Report your side effects to VAERS.