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Re: Gulf War children

I have a 16 yr old daughter who has been having problems in school. The worst subjects have always been science & math for some odd reason. SHe has been tutored, homeschooled, etc. She also have 2 rare disorders & other ailments. Both the bio father & I were in the gulf war. I have all the symptoms.

My 2nd child is very hyper child & does have 24/7 tantrums & lots of uncontrollable ????? Not ADHD, the doctor said, just a very hyper child that needs alot of guidance & counseling... we were told that like when she was before 2 yrs old. My husband does not like western medicine much.. and was waiting for those 4 letter word cause he went through it when he was young.. She will be 6 in 2 weeks & is very hard to control most of thetime. Itis hard to take her out in public when she gets her tantrums, and extended family do not want to babysit her, or have her come over without one of us around. It gets me sad sometimes for her.

I pray for my children to get over their pains & sufferring.... and for the ones I give them when "my tantrums" start up...

I hope y'all will find your answers to your ADHD questions. GOD BLESS!