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Re: positive to negative

Originally Posted by B3achbabi View Post
HPV will be in your system for life, however if it cleared, it most likely will never cause you any harm, but my doc told me to make sure to use condoms so re infection does not occur.
Actually . . . I think the idea that you have this for life is falling out of favor with most HPV researchers. HPV can live in you body forever and can go domant and then reappear. But I think that is the exception rather than the rule. Also, I can't link it, but I reading this thing by a doctor discussing this issue. He basically described why whether or not you still have HPV is actually a very complicated question. What if you have a segment of HPV DNA only and not the whole thing?

I guess the "forever" part is that you can't ever really know when if if you are cured, so it is probably a good idea to at least act like you will have it forever.

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